Description: Photograph - Elements Series - Edition 3/10 + 1 Artist's Proof (not for sale) - Framed
Materials: Archival Pigment Inkjet Print
Size: Height 100cm x Length 150cm
Weight: Approx. 300gm - Framed 13kgs
Shipping: Flat Packed via Courier - Handling with Cotton Gloves Only
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Price: $3,200.00
Ex Tax: $3,200.00
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A series of images that belong to a body of work titled, ‘Elements'. These images make reference to the four seasons, all photographed within the landscape of native Australia in context and in season.

A research and journey into a limitless substance, energy that all is one and one is all. In Air, Fire, Earth, & Water, we are all interwoven, connected. I float on the surface. I expand. I am one with the source.

When I sit and go within, my world is at one and I am but a part of all earthly elements. The breath reminds me that I am wind, fire, water and earth. I am one with the creator. I am the light.

Caterina Pacialeo 2014


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