“Turkey” Photograph by C. Pacialeo - Reviewed by N.LOPEZ

“Turkey” Photograph by C. Pacialeo - Reviewed by N.LOPEZ

When I look at Caterina’s works, I take a step back, have a closer look and let the emotions and narrative reach me.

Her portraits in the “Group Think” Series are very powerful, edgy, sometimes confronting and can leave you with a sense of unease, although they are captured by the lens in domestic and routine situations (except for Box and Plastic Bags). The artist captures private moments not meant to be shared, tantalising and repulsing at the same time our desire for voyeurism. Quite a dichotomy!

Appearances are deceptive in "Group Think". Pacialeo's characters are engrossed in their own reflections, emotions, thoughts whether they are shot as part of a group or as a solitary character.  We can be quick to read the emotions transpiring, but look carefully, it is more likely to be your own emotion first that you express rather than the characters’ portrayed. 

Although Caterina frames and orchestrates her scenarios in great details and with great control, the story unfolding is left to interpretation by the viewer. What is going on in that split shot? What led to this? What will unfold? You are drawn to find out more, to extrapolate and go beyond what is presented to you.

The woman in “Turkey” in a domestic role sharing her kitchen with a man is photographed may be unknowingly (hardly a happy holiday snapshot that you would want to put on facebook or in your i.phone!), stuffing a turkey for a Christmas meal preparation... maybe? Is it disturbing to have a moment captured where people are shown not really engaging? Not showing happiness or bliss? Or merely reflecting on something more complex or giving themselves space to think and just be?

These are my questions and my answers are mine. What are yours?

Caterina recreates through her art situations that she has experienced or may want to experience. She says the lady in “Turkey” is angry and that the stuffing is representative of that. What is she angry about? Her situation?  Her past? Her view of her future?

Noella Lopez

April 2014

“Turkey” Photograph by Caterina Pacialeo "Group Think' Series

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