Caterina Pacialeo and Art

Caterina Pacialeo and Art


Caterina Pacialeo's Thoughts about Art


Art is Important Because ...

Art is very important, it feeds our mind, body and soul, and it entices us to have a different perception of things and life. We are inspired, moved, amused, sometimes shocked. Art documents and records time and subjective subjects such as politics, religion, social conditioning or issues that represent the sign of the times. Art connects the world, it is a universal language. It brings people and nations together. Art motivates other practices and collaborates with other fields such as science.  Art gives birth to culture. Art is subjective, Art is freedom, Art is powerful. Art gives you the licence to be fully self-expressive and gives voice to the oppressed. Art takes courage.


Three Words that Best Describe Art....





Practising my Art is....

To question the world through the image making of photography

To have insight into my own reality in relation to my surroundings

To see things differently, and to inspire people to challenge the limitations of their own reality

I photograph people, places and spaces that reflect the human condition and awaken things in people. Be it through personal experience or a statement on social issues, either way I believe in the creation of true self-expression.

I create beautiful, insightful images of quality with attention to detail. I believe in the connection and interaction, capturing the truth of my subjects with the understanding of everything constantly changing. Everything is impermanent. Hence I use photography as a means to reflect for that brief moment and then move on! Practicing my art is in essence practicing my self-expression.


Discovering new art is...

Is like discovering a treasure. I love that feeling when you embark on something interesting, refreshing and inspirational. It fills you up, gives you energy, moves you and inspires you. That is priceless! With the understanding that all is very subjective, that I will repeat this over and over, good art, bad art, who cares? Discovering new Art means moving out of the comfort zone of what is in vogue at that particular year and that takes courage for some Artists. New Art means change and challenge. The discovery of new art means to me discovering new movements within groups and cultures. It’s forever evolving and that’s what keeps it refreshing keeping ahead of trends.


Enjoying Art (being surrounded by Art) in my Home is....

Having a few pieces that inspire me; works that I can live with day by day and never tire by looking at them; they are a representation of what I love.


Caterina Pacialeo 2016


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