Firstly order all your artwork gifts today so you can have them on time for Christmas! Can’t wait for your call or email...

Secondly, I have asked the very talented, busy, gracious and intelligent artists represented by the gallery to respond to two questions.  If you described 2015 as an artwork, what would it be and why? What I wish for 2016?

Their responses are personal, reflective, dark and hopeful at the same time reflecting some of the on-going events in the world.

I pondered on the first question too (isn’t it a good question?).

I can’t help feeling like it should be an installation simple on the surface but deep, multi-facetted, contrasted, changing, connected, fated, unsettling, fragile, may be ephemeral, no, definitely ephemeral, and hypnotic. So I thought of the organic installations by Charwei Tsai who uses Heart Sutra in some of her artworks, writing on tofu, flowers and mushrooms. “The scripture describes the Buddhist concept of  ”emptiness” and a meditative state in which all phenomena are non-dualistic. All forms, feelings, perceptions, impulses, and consciousness, the ways by which we relate to the world, are interdependent and each cannot exist on its own. For example to be attached to the beauty of a blossoming flower may cause suffering if one is not aware that the physical form of the flower is constantly changing and that the flower will eventually wither and die. On the other hand, if one understands the ephemerality as a necessary condition of the flower’s being then as one observes the same phenomenon of a flower withering, one is relieved from the unnecessary suffering that arises from an attachment to its temporal state of beauty. This is the basic concept behind the series of works where I write the Heart Sutra onto ephemeral objects which epitomises the materialisation of spiritual truth through the decay and deterioration of the objects." (Charwei Tsai 2009 - excerpt from Charwei Tsai : Transience - Exhibition catalogue – Osage Soho – Hong Kong) -

NB: Her works will be presented at the 20th Sydney Biennale in 2016. Can’t wait!         

What I wish for 2016?

Certainly harmony, stability, gentle and kind everything. Lots of enjoyment and enchantment about life, people, art, birds and the world. Selling lots of artworks for the gallery (we have three shows next year) and since my younger sister has just been diagnosed with breast cancer, very good health to her, me, my family, my friends, all of you.

Enjoy the answers. To illustrate each of the artists’ responses I have chosen one of the artworks they created this year that I like particularly.

It would be great if you shared with us your responses to these questions too on the website or on Facebook. Look forward to reading these.

Wish you and your family a great rest, harmonious, joyful and light festivities, brightness, hope and love in everything you do. Thank you for your support this year. See you in 2016.





If you described 2015 as an artwork, what would it be and why?

2015 has been an installation of suspended small metal fragments, that when observed from a distance paints a glistening image of a beautiful sunrise. It has been full of surprises and challenges, but in the end, there heralds a new beginning.

 What do you wish for 2016?

I hope 2016 will be a year of joy and happiness. I'm currently working towards my upcoming solo show where I will have the opportunity to exhibit all the works that have been brewing over the last few months and I can't wait!




If you described 2015 as an artwork, what would it be and why?

Katie Paterson - Timepieces (solar system) -

This particular artwork is by one of my favourite environmental/conceptual artist’s Katie Paterson. It is an installation of wall clocks which tell us the predicted time on each of the different planets of our solar system. Time is measured by the rise and setting of the sun. This artwork is representative of my 2015 because I like to think that no matter how busy I am, or what situation I find myself in, somewhere (in this universe) the sun is still shining and opportunity awaits, and the clock is ticking.

What do you wish for 2016?

I don't want to sound cliché but I really wish for a celebration of peace and the health and happiness of my family and friends. And perhaps a new boat to go fishing ha ha




If you described 2015 as an artwork, what would it be and why?

Frank Stella K.17 Lattice Variation Protogen RPT 2008; because there are contradictions that exist in the work, order and chaos, negatives and positives. These are aspects that occur in life whether it is 2015 or 2020.

What do you wish for 2016?

Care and consideration for differences that exist in the world



If you described 2015 as an artwork, what would it be and why?

The work of Adrian Piper. I think her work resonates with the sense of impending doom felt by many here in Europe in the wake of recent events unfolding.

What do you wish for 2016?

For there not to be a World War III! I am not really sure how to unpack the second response, as it is pretty straight forward aspiration and a response to living in Europe, working with the Syrian refugees in Austria and knowing someone who was shot and killed in Paris last week.  The bottom line is Europe is yet again moving into a space of post-history where unity is found in difference, xenophobia has become commonplace and the absence of compassion is prevalent.  



If you described 2015 as an artwork, what would it be and why?

If I described 2015 as a painting it would be very similar to John Olsen’s ‘Spanish Encounter’!  May be mine would be called ‘Encounters’!   Different pathways / routes leading nowhere in particular.  Ups and downs – high and lows.  Travelling down one track thinking that I have made progress only then to backtrack on another route.  These pathways (hopefully) will lead me eventually to a magical place!   Funnily enough, my recent paintings depict roads leading to the ocean – the road to freedom? Could be!  This has been 2015!

What do I wish for 2016?

Well I wish for an easier year – easy in that things just fall into place – EVERYWHERE that is!  A healing year with family, friends, the community and the world.  Fewer complaints from everyone and even myself!  I often stop to think about the blind man with his dog at the station every morning.  Whether it is hot, windy, too sunny or wet, he walks silently and peacefully along the street to wherever he needs to be.



If you described 2015 as an artwork, what would it be and why?

This passage by Somali–British writer and poet Warsan Shire comes to mind right now:

“later that night
I held an atlas in my lap
ran my fingers across the whole world
and whispered
where does it hurt?

it answered 

Richard Serra’s Fernando Pessoa conveys a similar sentiment in weathered steel.

What do you wish for 2016?

My work considers the everyday here and now - the ordinary places we inhabit and pass through, often without a second thought. In a similar way, for 2016 I’d wish for more consideration, curiosity and regard for each another. World peace seems so unrealistic, but this might be an attainable start.



If you described 2015 as an artwork, what would it be and why?

The Film synopsis

We begin on an inward journey with much anticipation and new possibilities viewing the world on a slightly different agenda exhausted from the previous year, but with enough energy colour and light for new beginnings. But perhaps a little premature, uncertain of what the path may bring.

This film is insightful and slow, paused and fixed on details for reflection, lost in translation. As we proceed into dark moments of paralysing fear and hopelessness, we journey up towards the surface with strong will and determination and hard work like never before, changing and transforming with ease, grace and kindness, letting go.

Inner peace fills and we are left again with ourselves and come to this realisation that we are truly blessed and that everything we need is within. Fearless and accepting we move forward into a new world transcending above and beyond the outcome that you may have imagined. We reset for a new direction without any expectations, we trust we believe we love.

 What do you wish for 2016?

1. It has become such a cliché (sad) on this planet, but I really wish for world peace and that man can exist on this planet with love and compassion regardless of our social indifference. It’s time to give it a break and get on with living for all the right reasons. May all the political and Multi National powers of the world who are responsible for the injustice, corruption and their evil ways in controlling the masses with Propaganda and false terrorist attacks - so they can manipulate people into fear and hate without any reasoning due to greed and power - find it in themselves to come to their senses and stop this bullshit!

2. More creative projects on the way!

3. My new home!

4. Photographic commission!





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