Luke Shelley and Art

Luke Shelley and Art


Luke Shelley'sThoughts on Arts


Art is Important Because...

Art enables us (as artist’) to engage, experiment, develop certain ideas and culminate our responses to these concepts in a form of expression to be interpreted by the audience/viewer.   


Three Words that Best Describe Art....


Art is a form of expression and serves as an insight into the artist (or groups) perspective of issues, ideas, passions, interests, community and political views, and their personal life. To put yourself and your artwork ‘out there’ in a gallery space for the public to view is initially intimidating, but it is extremely rewarding, and after a while, almost addictive.



I consider art to be a ‘visual language’ as it harnesses a great ability to communicate. Whether it is about interpreting the message within the artwork or the conversation about art we have with friends, art stimulates all sorts of forms of communication, which I think is a positive thing.



Art is human. It is produced, interpreted and admired by people. The simple appreciation of an artwork has the ability to unify people of all backgrounds, genders, religions and cultures. This is something which we need more of in the world we live in today.

Practising my Art is....

A process to turn ideas into action. For me developing new ideas in my artworks is almost a therapy or a pressure release in some way. I have an issue with ‘ideas’, they tend to totally consume my imagination until I decide to develop them. Being environmentally inspired, my practice requires a fair bit of experimentation, which needs a constant development of ideas.


Discovering new art is...

Refreshing for the imagination. Whether it be a new concept that I’ve experimented with and eventually happy to develop into a body of work, or appreciating another artist’s artwork in a gallery space, it’s always refreshing to see something new.


Luke Shelley 2016

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