As we are all preparing for Christmas and taking stock of this incredible year, the Artists and myself share their Christmas wishes with you.

Scroll down the page and Share Your Christmas Wishes With Us!


My wishes for Christmas are...

Much lightness and gentleness after a year where it felt more than once that the world had gone mad! I wish for a cure to the Ebola virus, a white Christmas with my nephew and niece in France enjoying some duck foie gras, for the media to stop their nonsense for two weeks (all right a month then!),  for some special politicians to have humanity, positive vision and empathy inserted and engraved in their brain and heart!

For all of us, joy and laughter, gratitude for all our blessings - it has been a big incredible year - many successes and lots of luck for the gallery and the artists next year.

Thank you for all your support this year. Joyeux Noel! xx


My wishes for Christmas are...

For Christmas I would like to lose myself somewhere off the Princes Highway in a town that time hasn't touched since the 50's, where the ocean is turquoise and I can jump off rocks to swim, rather than sand.



My wishes for Christmas are...

I don't really do Christmas. So I never wish for much. But if I must say something, I wish for my friends and family good health and good cheer.


My wishes for Christmas are...

To celebrate by playing a bit of cricket, eat a kilo of fresh prawns and have a few cold beers. Wishing you the joy of family, the gift of friends and good luck for the New Year!



My wishes for Christmas are...

Peace and joy with my family and friends! After a jam-packed year, I am looking forward to some rest and for the creativity juices to flow through into the New Year.  Joyeux Noel to all who appreciate and encourage the arts in Australia, we love you!



My wishes for Christmas are...

World peace, Tony Abbott leaves, win the lottery 15 Million, Nikon 810 camera, beach house made out of shipping containers, personal trainer, photographic studio, own my own home, abundance of health in mind, body and Soul. Abundance, freedom, peace and love. Create a new chapter with my next body of work that will blow everyone's minds! 



My wishes for Christmas are...

Serenity and joy after a tumultuous year!  I wish for a wonderful Christmas and New Year spending valuable and happy times with my family and friends, lots of relaxation and meditation, drawing and painting. I also wish a contented and comfortable Christmas for all my homeless friends that I pass by on the street every morning on my way to work. Buon Natale xxx



My wishes for Christmas are...

Peace in the Middle East, a new GOP (Grand Old Party aka Republican Party), a global initiative combating climate change, an end to violence against women and more time with the people that I love.






Noella - 05/12/2014

Thank you Bernie so much! So do I :) Noella xx
Bernie - 05/12/2014

Noella You look amazing so well & happy I wish I was in OZ so that I could spend some time with you over Christmas Have a fabulous time and love & prosperity for 2015

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