Further West
Further West Further West Further West Further West Further West

Further West

Artist: Luke Shelley
Description: Large Scale Drawing - Further West Series
Materials: Watercolour, Charcoal, Natural Stain, Earth, Paper Panels of 300gsm Hahnemule Paper - Five paper panels fixed together on the back using archival rice glue
Size: Height 87cm x Length 435cm
Weight: Approx. 1.8kgs
Shipping: Special Handling via Courier - Handling with Cotton Gloves Only
Images: Main Image (full artwork). To view the artwork in more details, click on each of the four images to view with the zoom.
Availability: In Stock

My drawings reflect my experiences of discovery through the studies of native flora, fauna, and human artefacts. These studies derive from actual specimens collected during extensive travel throughout coastal and central Australia. I find that travelling to various Australian landscapes and habitats, matures my artistic processes and practice. My drawings are aimed at reflecting my experiences of the varied environments through “museum-like” studies and arrangements of various specimens of flora, fauna, and discarded human artefacts.

As a pre-drawing treatment and in an attempt to introduce colour and collaboration with the environment, I selectively place the drawing paper within particular areas of the bush. The paper is left under rotting piles of leaf litter, positioned under blossoming gum trees, and/or submerged in muddied depressions of dry creek beds. Left sometimes for weeks, the paper captures the natural tannins and stains of the site. This creates the subtle, natural colour palette of the paper, which complements the drawings, and references the environment of the collected specimens.

Luke Shelley 2014


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